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Parking Solutions

parking system controls a car’s entry & exit into a parking garage/area. Vacancy and occupied signs are provided at the entrance, with arrows showing area for an empty parking spot. Green and red indicators are installed at the parking space to show the customer if the space is occupied or vacant.

Access Control System

An access control system is a system that enables authorized people to gain access to certain “controlled” areas. As well as have full control, receive reports and time stamps of the accessed areas at all times. As well as have integration with an interlocking system.

Home Automation Solutions

Home Automation Systems are what make our living easier, and cheaper over the long run using the easiest types of control and tools,whether you like to control your house from your keypads, switches, smart phone, touch pads, or over the internet.

Nurse Call System

The nurse call systems use a button that is often available around the hospital bed to give the patient a remote way of communication (alert or buzz) to be able to call the nurses’ station when in need of help.

Guard Tour Patrol System

A guard tour patrol system is a system for logging the rounds of employees in a variety of situations such as security guards patrolling property, technicians monitoring climate-controlled environments, and correctional officers.

Security Gates & Barriers

Road Blockers, Rising Bollards, Barriers, Turnstiles, Tyre Killers, Sliding Gates & Operators are different types of gates that are used on main entrances of Hotels, secure areas, governmental facilities.


Tashfier Systems Company was established to take advantage of the long and high level of experience that the partners and engineers have in the field of electric power, renewable energy, and Computer Rooms in Middle-east and south of Africa.

Our vision for this company to be quality and craft high and unique from other firms in these areas and provide the highest and best services for this growing market.

  • Design , implementation and maintenance computer and control rooms
  • Design , implementation and maintenance of integrated power protection solutions.
  • Design , implementation and maintenance of renewable energy solutions.
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engineering systems


Our hand picked hardware and custom made software are combined together to illuminate your desktop and screen in a unique way that is yet to be seen elsewhere.

our software is made by professionals and it's premade but written specifiably to fulfill your needs and make the most of your hardware.

using the latest technologies we offer a great deal of new hardware such as digital led strips and we work with factory made LEDS built in other hardwares such as Razer Chroma series Products..

  • Digital Led and Analog Led illumination.
  • Audio Spectrum Visualization with custom made effects and colors..
  • Screen Edge Processing creating an ambilight effect.
  • Led Light automation depending on events.
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Before we start the job, you will be given an estimated time to finish your project. You can pay by hours where an hour costs a static price.

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